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A'Esha Goins

Organizing Coach

A’Esha Goins is an author, advocate, and certified  professional business coach. She created Blackabis to break the stigma African-Americans have around issues of cannabis use, decriminalization and legalization. She helped jumpstart the medical marijuana industry in Southern Nevada by assisting with the application process of an African-American owned and funded dispensary in Las Vegas, where she also served as assistant manager. A'esha organized and lobbied for legislation that would offer disenfranchised minorities opportunities in the budding Cannabis industry. 

A’Esha is the founder of CEIC (Cannabis Equity and Inclusion Community) and principal of Black Joy Consulting which advises, and coaches small business entrepreneurs as well as private and not for profit organizations. 

In addition to consulting A’Esha and her Org. CEIC is currently leading the charge for legislature that will benefit those disproportionately impacted by the criminalization of marijuana. You can follow A'Esha on Twitter here: 

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