Tamara Favors

Ambassador Coordinator

Tamara recently moved to North Las Vegas from South Central Los Angeles, California during the pandemic and wanted to get involved in the community. Being the youngest of four surviving siblings she saw the struggles her parents had to endure. She wants to be part of positive change and always wants to use her power to empower others. 


As a young mother she faced many challenges trying to juggle college courses while being involved in her school community, her daughter’s homework while living in a gang and crime infested area.  Growing up she has found herself in leadership roles and used her spare time to start to understand and learn social issues. She grew up seeing many injustices, one included wanting to help keep her middle school open. Even that young she found herself using her voice  to make changes for herself and others.  


Before graduating from college, she told herself to remember to stay committed to empowering others, movement building, and being a part of positive change in the community that she lives in. She has been a part of various movement building while in college and outside of college. After college she applied to Public Allies Amerciacorps Los Angeles, where she did one and eight months, working at a school and a nonprofit increasing their capacity. Moreover, while being a public ally she volunteered at local community events, participated in weekly training sessions with 27 emerging leaders and helped create a database for the community to find resources for school, job and trade skills.


In her free time she likes to play one of her game systems, watch anime/stream shows with her daughter, and create makeup looks.