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We’re building power at Make It Work Nevada and we’d be stronger if you join us. There are countless ways to get involved with our movement to #GetFreeTogether.

We are a community of people who will no longer be taken advantage of. We are Black women who know their power and will continue to use it to fight for freedom for all of us. We are residents of Nevada that will not be left behind or accept anything less than complete equity, we are people who demand economic, racial and reproductive justice. We are our ancestor's wildest dreams.

Come Kick It With Us

We host a monthly “Rent Party,” this last Thursday of every month. We provide a relaxing, comfortable space and kick back with some music, games and often good conversation. We get to know one another, share our lived experiences and talk about solutions that will make our lives better. Sometimes it’s four people, sometimes it’s forty; either way, it’s a whole lot of fun.


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Make It Work Nevada Ambassadors are our squad. They are our most fervent supporters and understand that we win when we voice our concerns together. We center their experiences and their stories in our fights and consider them the most important part of Make It Work Nevada.


Becoming an ambassador means representing yourself and your experiences to help make a change. Sign up to meet our team to join our squad!

Work With Us

Whether we’re tabling at a community event or hosting one ourselves, volunteering is a great opportunity to get to know more about us, our work and the communities we work alongside

Keep Us Goin'

Time, talent or treasure, any of it helps us build power to #GetFreeTogether. Consider making a contribution to Make It Work Nevada.


Your support moves our movement forward in the fight for justice and equity.  

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