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Build Back Better for Nevada

Even before the pandemic many Nevada families struggled with access to affordable childcare, finding good paying jobs, securing affordable housing and paying for healthcare. As we push through both the pandemic recovery and the economic recovery, the Build Back Better framework will help Nevada families land on their feet and give them an opportunity to fully recover.

Here’s what the plan means for Nevada families:
  • Childcare for over 196,000 young children from low income families

  • Expand pre-school to nearly an additional 66,000 3 & 4 year-olds

  • Grants for training in high-quality jobs in public health, tech, child care and clean energy

  • Increased supply affordable housing units

  • 71,000 uninsured people will gain health insurance through Medicaid expansion

  • Tax cuts for low-wage workers and permanently extend the Child Tax Credit monthly payments

The Build Back Better framework is how we move towards economic fairness in an economy that too often serves the interests of the wealthy while ignoring the needs of working families and those always in the margins. With this level of investment in working families more people will be able to realize the “American dream” and our nation will be better for it.

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