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Building Power with Better Mental Health

Motivation, taking action, and empowerment are not easy actions when you have less than optimal mental health.

Everyone has a different starting point of what taking action means. Some people can make a decision, and they change the course of their mental health immediately. Others may have to get enough energy or courage to take the first step, which could be a massive undertaking and require some time to wrap their head around. So wherever a person starts, they first realize something they want that their mental health is keeping them away from and is important to them. In other words, you must recognize your "why" to create change.

You must recognize your "why" to create change.

It may be to play with your kids or grandkids, go to the kid's soccer games, or achieve the goals you used to be so passionate about. Without the "why" there is no motivation and empowerment that leads to action. So for all of my clients, I ask them, "What do you want?" Some of them are so distracted with life that they've forgotten who they are; what they like; and what they want for themselves.

Once you explore what you want, you can dig into the "why" it is important. Through this exploration, we find the source of motivation and empowerment that leads to action and a fulfilled life.

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