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Make It Work Nevada is Your Organizing Home in Community

When we need spiritual guidance we go to a church.

When we need financial assistance we go to a bank.

When we need medical intervention we go to a hospital.

So where do you go when you need community support? Where do you go when you feel like you’re being discriminated against or marginalized? A lot of us rant on social media or will talk to our family and friends but it’s really important to have a resource of community organizers that can help you build power right where you are.

We do our best to build community where we serve.

Make It Work Nevada is your organizing home in community, meaning you can turn to us when you need community support. Whether it’s showing up at disciplinary hearings for a CCSD student who was wrongfully expelled; or helping a mother of 5 find housing before she was put out on the streets; or creating a cohort for grandparents who serve as caretakers to find resources for their grandchildren, we do our best to build community where we serve.

As we expanded our programming in 2021, we began assisting families facing eviction, we partnered with a mental health professional to host a group therapy discussion specifically for BIPOC women; we served at food pantries at various community recreation centers, donated to the community baby shower and so much more. We see a need and we do everything we can to make it happen.

Today on this Giving Tuesday we are asking for your support. You make the the gift and we will continue to make things happen in 2022! DONATE today.

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