Everyone deserves to be able to live and work in safety and with dignity. Nevada’s Fair Employment Practices Act protects many Nevadans against sexual harassment, but not everyone.

We need new sexual harassment protections to expand current law to every Nevadan – whether they are a nanny working for a single employer, an independent contractor, or an employee of a 10 person mom and pop retail store. In addition, people should be able to hold their harassers and employers liable, and ensure that survivors can be fully compensated for the harm they suffer. Finally, all employers should provide sexual harassment training on their clear workplace policies to help prevent harassment before it happens and employees must get culturally competent “know your rights” trainings.




Everyone should be able to determine if, when, how and with whom to start or grow a family.

Reproductive freedom is the essential right of everyone to plan their futures and control their destinies.

We support making sure that every woman, no matter her paycheck or where she lives, can get affordable, safe abortion care when she needs it.


it’s time to make safe days paid.

In order to ensure that people don’t have to choose between their livelihood and their safety and wellbeing, . We should also expand this law to cover survivors of sexual harassment.

In 2017, the Nevada legislature ensured that survivors of domestic violence and their family members could take job-protected time to address their safety and wellbeing. It was amended to make paying people for their time to care optional.

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