We need at least seven paid sick days to ensure that every Nevadan can care for their own and their family’s health without risking their economic stability.



In Nevada, almost half of all private-sector workers, or nearly 500,000 people, do not have paid sick days.

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low-wage employees were fired in the past four years because they or their family member had the nerve to get sick.

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Magik was working as the director of a residential home for children with autism. The stresses of the job complicated her asthma. She'd take a sick day, but then worry about retaliation from her employer. Ultimately, she didn’t take the time to care for herself, got sicker, and lost the job. As Magik puts it: She let her health go because she was afraid to lose her job, and then she lost her health and her job anyway. Too many people face that awful choice. 


We need guaranteed paid family and medical leave for all Nevadans. That means at least 16 weeks of job-protected time paid at a reasonable wage.


Amari was forced to choose between caring for her sick mother and her job. Her mother was placed in a medically-induced coma states away from her, and she had to take time off to be with her. She used all of her sick and vacation time to be with her mother but 4-weeks later, she was still in a coma and Amari was running out of options. She applied for the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA) but did not qualify and had to quit her job.





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This is an everybody issue. And like most caregiving issues – it hits women and people of color especially hard. Women (of all races) are 1.7 times more likely to have an unmet need for leave than men.


African-American, Asian American and Pacific Islander, and Native American employees are almost twice as likely to have an unmet need for leave than white employees.