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It’s no secret that our country has a criminal justice problem. Black people are five times more likely to be incarcerated than white people. The impact of incarceration remains once one is freed making it challenging for the formerly incarcerated to find long-term employment and housing.


For these reasons, Black women in Nevada have identified criminal justice reform as one of the top issues that require our attention. That is why Make It Work Nevada is fighting to undo unjust laws that have disproportionately impacted Black people and Black families.

We fight for radical change to ensure justice is actually served by reforming the criminal justice system.



Nevada has made some progress in reforming our justice system and restoring rights to formerly incarcerated individuals, but we still have a long way to go.


One example of where Nevada can #DoBetter is the cash bail system. The cash bail system economically depletes Black and Brown families all across this country because we are more likely to become incarcerated than any other group of people in the U.S. Cash bail jeopardizes a family's ability to survive and livelihood during an already stressful time.


Make It Work Nevada continues to fight to end the cash bail system in Nevada and support criminal justice reforms.


Make It Work Nevada has advocated for the passage of laws that restored the right to vote for formerly incarcerated people and expunged the records of individuals with prior cannabis-related convictions.

These reforms will go a long way to restoring the personhood of our community members who have been impacted by the unjust criminal justice system.
As a result of these laws, our formerly incarcerated friends, families, and neighbors are able to fully participate in society and have some of the same rights and privileges as everyone else; this is a step in the right direction.
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