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Your Voice Matters


Make It Work Nevada realizes that we are all more than just our struggles. We also know that the stories of our struggles matter. Because every single person matters and they deserve to live their best life. We want to lift up the experiences of our community so we can collectively ignite change that will bring us out of the struggle into a thriving life.

Will you share your story with us? 


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We’re building power at Make It Work Nevada and we’d be stronger if you join us. There are countless ways to get involved with our movement to #GetFreeTogether.

We are a community of people who will no longer be taken advantage of. We are Black women who know their power and will continue to use it to fight for freedom for all of us. We are residents of Nevada that will not be left behind or accept anything less than complete equity, we are people who demand economic, racial, and reproductive justice. We are our ancestor's wildest dreams.

Volunteer With Us!


Whether we’re tabling at a community event or hosting one ourselves, volunteering is a great opportunity to get to know more about us, our work and the communities we work alongside.

​The foundation of our work begins with YOU! Your experience, your story and your voice are vital to raising awareness about the issues surrounding economic, environmental, racial and reproductive justice.

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