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Our Fights


We prioritize working on the issues that have the largest impact on our activists, volunteers, and neighbors' lives. 

Our core focuses are on reproductive justice, environmental justice, and economic justice issues with a concentration on Black, Indigenous, Latinx, and other communities of color. 


We conduct issue-based surveys, actively listen to our support network and keep our ears to the ground in the community to ensure our work is aligned with our community and the plight of our sisters and brothers. 


Learn more about our fights for the people whose lives are most directly impacted by the issues. 

Reproductive Justice

We are fighting to ensure that parents have the autonomy they need over their bodies and the resources (proper schools, grocery stores, recreation, etc) they need to raise their children to have whole, full lives.

"Childcare for our newborn was too expensive, so we felt like we had no choice but to quit my job and stay at home. Now we are living paycheck to paycheck inching every penny we can."

- Michelle, 26

"When my partner was diagnosed with lupus, our city did not have the proper doctors to care for her and she had to go of out of state to get treatment ALONE. I should be able to be with her during hard times, we need a inclusive paid family leave policy."

- Ashley, 32

"My biggest fear is to get prengant and not have the porper care during birth. I am scared that doctors will not listen to me because of the color of my skin. Too many Black mothers are dying after giving birth. That aint right."

- Jacqulyn, 19

Environmental Justice

The litter and trash on the ground have become ridiculous. I hesitate to walk my daughter to school because of the smell, but using my car wastes more energy. I want to teach my children sustainability so their world isn't as polluted as ours.

- Sara, 46

"I live near an energy power plant that pumps dangerous chemicals into the air. Most of my neighbors don't know that they are breathing dirty air. We need clean air, cleaner energy resources, and more transparency. We deserve better." 

- Kait, 25

Racial Justice

We are fighting to overturn laws that have disproportionately impacted Black people and kept us from living and thriving.

"I' paid my dues, now i'm just trying to be better mom to my son. When I go and apply for a job, I can already see how managers look at me. I never get a call once they learn about my history."

- Gracie, 36

"I currently live in the Historic West Side of Las Vegas, there are talks about a '100 Plan' and I don't have a backup plan if they tear down my neighborhood. It adds more stress to my day to day life."

- Lisa, 43

Dollar Notes

Economic Justice

We are fighting to bring greater economic equity and security for families consistently trying to #MakeItWork with less and less.

"I' am a full time UNLV student and have a full time job. I can NOT afford to miss one day of work if I get sick. My job does not offer paid sick days and I work at a restauraunt on the Las Vegas Strip. I am constantly exposed."

- Christen, 22

"I managed a team of 40, and through office chatter, I found out that 2 men I supervised made a third more than what I made. I felt like my hard work and dedication did not matter to my employer."

- Brooke, 29

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