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We've got tons of media shows and events that happen both in-person and online! Want to see what we're about? Find us below!

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American Dreams: Reproductive Justice

American Dreams: Reproductive Justice is a  podcast created in 2023 meant to connect, inform, amplify, and empower. Born out of the mind of Erika Washington, American Dreams strives to gather stories and data to answer the question  "How can Black women not suffer in silence in the fight for reproductive justice?"

Let's Unpack That

Let's Unpack That a monthly in-person sista-girl conversation that allows Black women to discuss the tough issues facing us every day. Register on our Eventbrite for the next one!

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My Body
My Authority

My Body My Authority is a monthly call meant to support the bodily autonomy of Black women and advocate for our health.

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Social Hour

Social Hour is our monthly in-person kickback free for anyone to join! We host game nights, holiday-themed parties, and activities with food, drinks, and good conversation.

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Sticky Note Conversations

Hosted by Erika Washington, Sticky Note Conversations explores the ever-evolving political landscape through the eyes of thought leaders, activists, and change-makers within our community.

From policy debates to grassroots movements, Erika hosts a new guest every week and unpacks complex topics with the finesse and insight that only she can offer. 

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Make It Make Sense

Make It Make Sense (MIMS) was our Facebook Live show geared towards public engagement that encourages community conversations around hot topic issues, with the hope that they will lead meaningful dialog and potential solutions to often complex issues.

Follow us on Facebook and binge the whole series!

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