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Environmental justice is often discussed through the lens of water and air quality, but we know it is much bigger than that. Environmental justice must be looked at more holistically to examine how we can measurably improve where we work, live, learn, play and pray.

Environmental justice work examines the connections between the abuse of the environment and the oppression of people with the least power, including the poor, immigrants, women, and people of color.

Environmental Justice in Nevada

Make It Work Nevada is focused on bringing greater public awareness to environmental justice issues. Our intention is to ensure that the conversations around environmental justice, at all levels of government, expand beyond the bounds of air and water quality and include access to fresh food, green spaces, public transportation and public infrastructure.


Learning About Food Insecurity

Food insecurity is defined as individuals and families not having access to sufficient amounts of nutritious food at any point in time to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle. When individuals and families do not have consistent access to such food, they are food insecure.

Nevada's E.J Coalition


Low-income Black, Indigenous and Nevadans of color are especially suffering living in areas with hotter temperatures, dirtier air, fewer green spaces and higher energy bills. 

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