Nevada is on the brink of an affordable housing crisis. Even before the pandemic, rent costs were far outpacing wages; and as the pandemic has continued to rage on it has exposed the vulnerability of countless families throughout the state. As Black and Brown women have been disproportionately impacted by the economic fallout of COVID-19, they have also been most at risk at being displaced from their homes. 

We have to fight for policies that protect tenants in the same way current laws protect landlords and property managers. 

Do you have a housing story to share?  Together we can work to shape policy that will improve our community.

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Nevada Housing Alliance 

We’re working in collaboration with our partner organizations to lead the Nevada Housing Justice Alliance. We have focused our legislative efforts on four central areas of housing policy:

  1. Eviction reform 

  2. Industry regulation

  3. Fair chance housing

  4. COVID-19 housing relief

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