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Social Media Ambassador Program

As a social media ambassador, you will use your personal social media platform to amplify the activism and advocacy work we do at Make It Work Nevada to improve the lives of the people in our community. Use your social media to make a difference. Join Make It Work Nevada’s Social Media Ambassador Program today!


The Make It Work Nevada Comms Team will send out information about our current activities, campaigns and news and Ambassadors can pick and choose what they’d like to promote using their social media platforms.


Social media ambassadors should follow all of Make It Work Nevada’s accounts and post about the organization at least once a week. Some examples of potential posts are:

  • A blog post

  • Tweets, tagging us

  • Facebook mentions  

  • Sharing and commenting on stories or posts we make

  • Posting a video or picture when volunteering at one of our events


In addition to being a part of promotion and advocating for change that, our social media ambassadors will enjoy


  • An exclusive feature on our website

  • A welcome packet that includes information about Make It Work Nevada

  • MIWN branded swag

  • Invitations to special MIWN events


Social media ambassadors must be at least 16 years old, have at least one social media platform that is public and believes strongly in the issues we fight for. 


Our Fights

  • REPRODUCTIVE JUSTICE - We fight for parents to have autonomy over their bodies and the resources they need to raise their children to have whole, full lives. 

  • RACIAL JUSTICE - We fight to change laws that have a  disproportionately negative impact on Black and other people of color.

  • ECONOMIC JUSTICE - We fight to bring economic equity and security for families that are consistently trying to "make it work" with less and less.

  • ENVIRONMENTAL JUSTICE - We fight for everyone and every neighborhood to be a clean safe environment with bountiful resources.

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