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Make It Work Nevada's Legislative Priorities

Outlined below are the specific measures we will pursue in the 81st Legislative Session of the Nevada Legislature.

Housing Justice

We are focused on eviction reform, improving industry regulation, enhancing fair chance housing, COVID-19 housing justice, and local affordable housing policy.

  • Eviction reform

  • Ban summary evictions

  • Increase notice for ‘no cause’ evictions.

  • Industry regulation

  • Require landlord registration

  • Rent (increase?) transparency

  • Eliminate predatory practices regarding fines & fees

  • Fair Chance Housing

  • COVID housing justice

  • Provide source of income as a protected class in NRS

  • Automatic sealing of COVID-19 related evictions

Reproductive Justice

We are pursuing policy to expand access to maternal (reproductive?) health resources. We will pursue policies that include the following:

  • Expanding Medicaid coverage to include

  • Medicaid reimbursement for doula services

  • a fourth trimester in Medicaid coverage

  • Industry credentialing

  • Establish state licensure for the midwifery industry

  • Expanding scope of practice

  • Establish that nurse practitioners can provide abortion care

  • Economic Justice

Economic Justice

We will support an amendment to omit federal and state holidays from the paid leave exemption outlined in NRS 608.0197, sec. 8A. Pursuing bold economic justice policy will be met with fierce opposition. So our goal is to strengthen our 2019 paid sick days legislation (SB312.)

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