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Mental Matters Guided By Dr. Tiffany M. Smith

Updated: Oct 21, 2022

Dr. Tiffany M. Smith is an integrative and functional psychiatric nurse practitioner at Aroma Functional Nutrition Psychiatry and a community partner of Make It Work Nevada. Dr. Smith joined our efforts in 2021 to help us move people to power through mental health support at our monthly workshop, "Mental Matters."

About Mental Matters

Mental Matters is a community of Black, Indigenous women of color that come together to actively connect with others through a combination of meaningful stories, heart-centered techniques, visualizations, and supportive conversations around mental health and well-being. Participants take part in various activities that inspire them to explore inner insights and wisdom. First of its kind, this monthly conversation is completely free and centered around BIWOC individuals.

Event Details

November's Theme – Don’t Cross That Line!

What are boundaries?

When do you know when someone has crossed them?

What if it is someone close to you or may have consequences?

We will be discussing boundaries and how to approach them. We will identify how what boundaries need to be made and how to enforce them. We all have to put boundaries in place in our lives, and most of them are not easy to do. Let’s get together and support each other, so we have the boundaries we need in place to be the best version of ourselves.

Join us on November 10th at 6 pm!

What to Expect - Agreements of Participation

This is an interactive, connective, cameras-on experience. We’ll be moving around in breakout rooms and using the chat to connect in small and large groups. So, we lovingly ask that you honor our agreements of participation.

  • Be Comfy & Stationary: Please find a comfortable place to spend our time together (in a favorite stuffed chair, on a few pillows in the floor, under a bug-free tree, etc.) Make sure you’re in a stationary spot. Participation from a moving vehicle, while on a walk, etc. will not work for this type of experience, but you may attend through your computer, laptop, or cellphone. While we’d like you to restrain from eating on camera, you are more than welcome to have a beverage of choice. (I use a straw so that you will be able to see me even when I’m sipping my favorite drink.)

  • Plan End to End Attendance: Please show up a few minutes before the session begins so that you can make sure that your tech works with ours, and be prepared to be present from beginning to end.

  • Prepare For Full Engagement: Please have both your video and audio on. One of our goals is for you to make authentic, heart-core connections with others. This can only happen if we can see, hear, and share our feelings with each other.

  • Be Fully Present: Please eliminate notifications, distractions, or anything that will take your attention from us and the experience. Turn off your emails, timers, messaging programs, etc. Get someone to watch your children if necessary.

Register here to join the conversation. If you feel that you will not be able to honor our participation agreement, please contact us or consider attending one of our workshops at another date or time.

More About Dr. Tiffany Smith

Dr. Tiffany M. Smith believes that everyone is unique, and there are no one-size-fits-all treatment plans.

Dr. Tiffany is a doctoral-prepared holistic psychiatric nurse practitioner. Her journey treating her combat veteran husband with PTSD, chronic depression and anxiety, and insomnia/hypersomnia with natural modalities and lifestyle change inspired her to change her practice from traditional psychiatry to an integrative and functional approach to psychiatry.

Dr. Tiffany's mental healthcare approach addresses both the internal and external factors that affect your mental health. She first applies personalized natural methods depending on the root cause of her client's unique symptoms. She believes in developing a treatment plan in partnership with each client so that he or she will walk away with the exact support needed. Dr. Tiffany also offers an elective online community for her clients to share their wins and challenges for added support.

Dr. Tiffany is located in Las Vegas, NV, and was born and raised in St. Louis, MO. She is also a combat veteran spouse, Blue Star mother, and enjoys gardening, dancing, and cooking. She held an LGBTQIA+ cultural sensitivity class for mental health providers as part of her doctoral project. Dr. Smith holds five degrees to include a doctorate in nursing practice, two master’s degrees in psychiatric mental health nurse practitioner and in nursing education, a bachelor’s degree as a registered nurse, and a diploma in aromatherapy. She is licensed in Nevada and Arizona and offers virtual sessions.

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