It's time to #DoBetter for every Nevadan.

Nice to meet you! We’re Make It Work Nevada, a community of people who believe that no one should have to choose between being there for family and earning a living. We’re lifting up new solutions to help families make it work — and ensuring those solutions are a part of the conversation, whether it's an election year or not.

Why are we doing this? Because it’s the 21st century. People who work hard deserve to do more than survive. We deserve to THRIVE.

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The Issues


Work & Family

No one should have to choose between being there for family and earning a living: That includes paid sick days and paid family and medical leave policies.

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Care For Every Child

Every child should have the opportunity to succeed: That’s why we need affordable, high quality child care options that pay teachers well.

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Equal Pay

Greater pay transparency will help ensure equality; and a higher minimum wage will level the playing field.

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Fair Chance

Every Nevadan deserves opportunities and a fair chance: It’s time to ban the box in the private sector too.

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Safety & Dignity Beyond Work

We need expanded protections against sexual harassment and paid safe days and freedom to control our reproductive health.

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